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Homestay Care

Social Media Recruitment Campaign

When we looked at recruiting for Homestay care we realised that existing advertising for this was outdated and outmoded: newspapers no longer have the reach they once did as digital media has evolved into people’s preferred method of looking for work, so much so in fact, that the local newspaper had reduced it’s Jobs section to just two pages.

Nonetheless, our key recruitment target for these posts was local residents. It was vital to still reach this demographic online in a way that would reach them as directly and clearly as possible and let them know that the job was relevant to them not just in and of itself, but also because of its location.

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Our challenge was to come up with a campaign that still targeted those living close to the job, but that also operated online and accessed all the advantages of greater readership and word of mouth through ‘sharing’. With this in mind, we designed social media campaign which would only only target those living in the area where we had jobs available, for example, only those living in Leek would see Leek positions advertised; jobs in Biddulph would only be seen by those living in that area. We were simultaneously able to make our advertisements seen more widely and more narrowly to make them as effective as possible.

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Newspaper Recruitment Advertising
Social Media Recruitment Campaign

The results have been impressive. Avoiding the costs of of traditional methods and instead engaging on social media, meant that advertising costs were reduced by 66%. Because of the specificity of the adverts combined with greater reach, applications increased by 500%. Not only did the campaign reach more people, per se, but by making the job area-specific, those who would only afford to look at local jobs (for various reasons including transport and families) were far more likely to look at the advertisements. An additional positive effect of this is that retention is likely to improve as carers are far more likely to stay in their job if it is easy and convenient to get to.

Through understanding both the future of recruitment and the needs of the business – including its staff – this campaign has helped Homestay Care grow at the heart of its communities.

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